Marta PCampos

Rinawi' abalar

Ri’nawi (word of Rarámuri origin): To turn over the earth.
Abalar (dead Spanish word): To throw, to throw out.

Perhaps from a longing provoked by the confinement of these months, in the process of conceptualization of Ri’nawi Abalar we were sonorously evoking ecosystems: Trying to bring inside what is outside and pour out inner landscapes. Probably in an unconscious way we wanted to dialogue about everything that it is to be/to be alive, from our small apartments.

In those days one of us read a fragment of the poem “On the surface of things” by Wallace Stevens that goes like this:

In my room, the world is beyond my understanding.
my understanding
but when I walk, I see that it consists of
four hills and a cloud.’

Dunkelkammer Sessions is a virtual improvisation platform that explores the intersubjective relationships of a distance dialogue articulated from dance, performance and sound art.

The format brings together 2 artists from distant contexts and locations, to perform a performative piece, under the premise of using audio as the only means of communication in real time. From the proposed set, sound and invisibility reveal the other from the echo, voice, silence and non-verbal communication, defining new fields of meaning where abstraction, telepathy and intimacy fit.

The DKS proposal observes the possibilities of language in the context of digital media from artistic practices, in a series of 6 sessions and 12 invited artists.

In collaboration between Mexico and Austria, Samer Alkurdi, Aura Arreola, Mariana Arteaga, Katia Castañeda, Galia Eibenschutz, Manuel Estrella, Iris Heitzinger, Bernadette Laimbauer, Yoh Morishita, Marta PCampos, Sebastian Six, Esthel Vogrig, in the cities of Mérida, Mexico City, Linz and Zaragoza.

Dunkelkammer Sessions is a project by Gabriela Gordillo and Fernando Vigueras realized with the support of Linz Sounds, Casa del Lago in cooperation with Dorftv,, Primal, CCD Radio and Radio FRO.