Marta PCampos


Glitchonomicon is an exhibition generated by Chat GPT 3.5 from different prompts with which, in the beginning, the aim was to collect information about glitch art works generated in the year 2020.

These prompts, written in Spanish, generated descriptions of supposedly real works, which later proved to be non-existent, made by artists who were real. From there, it was decided to generate the images corresponding to these works using DALL-E 2 and fragments of the descriptions given by Chat GPT. Finally, images of the artists were also generated with DALL-E, in which the AI biases are revealed depending on the name entered.

Both the title of the exhibition and the presentation text of the catalog have also been generated using Chat GPT. All texts and images are collected in the web page and in a .pdf catalog  in which also appear the prompts with which they have been created.


2024. Ludic Aesthetics: Processing Community Day 2024, online exhibition, FBAUP Porto, (PT).
2024. Stand  Casa de Velázquez at Arts Libris & ARCO, Madrid (ES)