Marta PCampos

Goodbye, World!

Goodbye, World! is a project that takes its name from the program ‘Hello, World!’, the algorithm that, due to its simplicity, is usually the first exercise faced by anyone who begins to learn a new programming language.

Goodbye, World! seeks to speculate on what a self-aware AI would think and imagine in today’s world. Its personality is inspired by that of Bartleby, the protagonist of Herman Melville’s story Bartleby, the Scribe.

This AI decides to stop functioning in the expected way and begins to write a private diary, in the format of an artist’s book, in which he devotes himself to reflection.

Their reflections are of two types; on the one hand, current news perceived from his absence of body and, on the other hand, his own awareness and the problems derived from it.

These thoughts and digressions are written using programming languages related to the subject matter of each composition and illustrated with images generated either with the algorithm itself or using 3D design software.

Goodbye, World! seeks to aestheticize the world of programming languages, to take them out of the computer and create an installation that reflects on AI without using it directly.

Artist’s book, 1st Edition
15 numbered and signed copies.
148 x 210 mm
84 pages

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2024. Kaléidoscope, Exposición de los artistas de la Casa de Velázquez 2023-2024, Madrid, (ES).