Marta PCampos

An AI stops working and begins to imagine… is a preview of the project Goodbye, World! which is being developed as an artist in residence during the 2023-2024 academic year at Casa de Velázquez.

This project focuses on the reflections that an AI poses as a private diary in the format of an artist’s book. Its thoughts and reflections are written using programming languages and illustrated with images generated using 3D design programs. Each poem is written in a different programming language related to the subject of the poem.

Specifically, consists of a computational poem in which an AI begins to try to design itself a generic body, an interface to the world. To do so, it uses the Java programming language, which has a class called ‘interface’.

The poem is accompanied by a 3D animation in which a genderless body that does not respond to normativity, lacking some parts, questions what it is and how we can really define it.