Marta PCampos


How would gravity affect antimatter? Would it fall upwards? Since its discovery, there has been speculation about the interaction of antimatter with gravity, but no clear conclusion has been reached. metrySym theorizes that antimatter would react differently to gravity than matter. Instead of being attracted or repelled by the center of gravity, we ask whether, perhaps, it could remain levitating. To this day, this question has not been resolved.

Newton’s apple is presented in shades of blue, the negative colors of a real apple, as an allegory of antimatter. We find it floating on top of a device that keeps it levitating and with which we can interact by moving our hand at the bottom.


2016. IV Jornadas de Divulgación Innovadora, Etopia. Center for Art and Technology, Zaragoza (ES).
2016. push.conference – UX UI Creative Technology, Alte Kongresshalle, Munich, (DE).
2016. Reverberadas, Etopia. Center for Art and Technology, Zaragoza (ES)