Marta PCampos


Anxiume is a garment that could be considered as an interface to mediate our relationships with other people (human-to-human interface). Its name is an acronym of the words anxiety and perfume.

It contains a circuit that releases a pleasant scent, which seeks to relax the wearer. This perfume is released when the wearer begins to sweat and their pulse quickens, both signs considered to be indicators of nervousness and anxiety. The purpose of Anxiume is to help introverted people relax when they are at public events using aromatherapy.
The purpose of this device is twofold. On the one hand, it can help us improve our daily lives, but on the other hand, it acts as a critique of our current dependence on all kinds of technological devices and apps that promise us an easier life.

The development of the first prototype of Anxiume began at IAMAS: Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (Japan) during a two-month residency. The second prototype of this project was developed at Etopia: Center for Art and Technology  as part of the II César Call for Proposals.

For the creation of scents with relaxing properties, I had the collaboration of the perfumer Isabel Guerrero, whose extensive experience and knowledge of the aromachological properties of certain chemical components were used to develop two different aromas.

Anxiume - Prototipo I
Back view from the first prototype
Anxiume - Prototipo II- Exposicion Etopia
Anxiume at 'Somos Makers'. Etopia. Center for Art and Technology, Zaragoza (ES)
Anxiume - Atenea exposicion
Anxiume at 'I International Congress Atenea: Women Artists, Technologists', UPV Valencia, Valencia (ES)


2018.Somos Makers, Etopia. Center for Art and Technology, Zaragoza (ES)
2018. I International Congress Atenea: Women Artists, Technologists, UPV Valencia, Valencia (ES)